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Every year there is an ever increasing and wide array of weather and other events that bring down our grid all around the USA and world, and continues to get worse.   Extreme weather disasters are now widely considered as eminent!  The United Nations released a climate change report on Monday August 9, 2021 that issued a "code red for humanity," warning that human-caused climate change is set to cause "unprecedented" extreme weather and other events.  There is a growing concern more now than ever before of both natural and manmade disasters that would take down all cell phone and internet communications and put us in a situation where we may have to survive off the grid,  without communications and power, etc.  We provide the very best in  survival skills and emergency communications trainings to equip you with the necessary knowledge and essential skills you need to help yourselves, your family, your friends and communities during these disasters. You will also no doubt have a new appreciation and enjoyment  for the outdoors after our classes.

 Our classes and trainings are designed for all age groups with all levels of experience.

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State-of-the-art classroom tuition 

hands on practice, provided for the  

 the Technician, General & Extra Class exams


Expert survivalist teaching invaluable survival skills

        Takes place in an incredibly beautiful

indoor/outdoor educational setting

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Accepts Credit Payments

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7345 164th Avenue, Suite 145, PMB:153, Redmond, WA 98052



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